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Mixer HD is a device designed to blend, homogenizer and emulsify puréed vegetables, creamed potatoes, soups, sauces, etc. It is ideal for use in centralised kitchens, delicatessens and industrial food processing plants. Its innovative characteristic, not found on similar appliances, is its straight shaft mixing head. This special feature allows it to be used continuously and for long periods of time to mix and amalgamate a large variety of ingredients.

Mixer HD is mounted on a wheeled structure enabling easy transfer between pans. An automatic device lowers the mixing head into and lifts it out of vessels.

Mixer HD is available in two models (500 and 1,000), for pans and vessels from 150 up to 500 litres and more. To enable a safe operation also in trolleys from 200 to 300 litres, Nilma has developed Mixer 500 HDV, equipped with a safety casing.
With its rugged construction and technical characteristics, Mixer HD is the ideal solution for continuous and heavy-duty operations in industrial food processing plants.

Nilma | Mixer HD - Industrial Turbo crusher - Industrial & Catering Equipment for Food Preparation

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