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automatic can opener


Opening cans by hand implies problems not only with safety but also with time, especially if a large number of cans have to be opened every day.

Apribox, the electric can opener, solves these problems because it does the job without any manual intervention. After placing the can in the cutting position, the user just operates the lever and the can is clamped and turned automatically, while the blade perforates and cuts the lid.

A magnet retains the lid during cutting, preventing it from falling into the product after removal. The Apribox cutting system is fast and precise, with no shavings or sharp edges.

The cutting unit position can be adjusted to suit the can size. Apribox opens cylindrical cans up to 5 kg.

Apribox is safe and convenient, and will be invaluable in all kitchens, for a trouble-free opening of 100 to 200 cans per hour.

Nilma | Apribox - Automatic Can Opener - Industrial & Catering Equipment for Food Preparation
APRIBOX- automatic can opener Nilma Play

APRIBOX - Automatic can opener

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