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vegetable spin dryers


In restaurant, hotel and institutional kitchens, as well as in Fourth-range processing plants, vegetables are generally dried after washing, before any seasonings are added. Removing water, especially from leafy vegetables and salads, means saving on seasonings and allows their flavours to be appreciated to the full. Drying is also fundamental for Fourth-range vegetables, since it improves their presentation and extends their shelf life.

Idrover eliminates water from vegetables while conserving all their natural freshness intact, without damaging even the most delicate lettuce leaves.

Idrover is produced in two versions, with drum capacities of 40 and 50 litres. The safety of all operations is ensured by the self-braking motor and the safety lock on the lid. Drying times are short: fresh vegetables are ready for dressing in just a minute or two.

Idrover is gentle on vegetables, saves labour and condiments, extends shelf life, improves side-dish presentation and is convenient and safe. All reasons why the Idrover spin dryer is an essential part of every modern kitchen.

Nilma | Idrover - Vegetable Spin Dryers - Industrial & Catering Equipment for Food Preparation
Idrover 40
Idrover 50
IDROVER 40 - vegetable spin dryers - Nilma Play

Idrover 40 - vegetable spin dryers

IDROVER 50 - vegetable spin dryers - Nilma Play

Idrover 50 - vegetable spin dryers

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