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quick garlic peeler


Boxer is an appliance specifically designed for a fast and labour-saving garlic peeling. It eliminates one of the most tiresome, difficult jobs for meat curers, delicatessens and food industries. Boxer makes peeling easy: the user just needs to open the heads of garlic, load up to five kilos of cloves, turn on the water jet and program 2-3 minutes of peeling, and the abrasive disc starts working. The waste skins, carried away by the water jet, are trapped in the filtering box.

When the peeling cycle is over, the kitchen operator will simply press a button and peeled garlic will automatically be unloaded into the trolley.

Boxer is safe since both the lid and the product outfeed opening are fitted with safety devices. Perfect hygiene is also ensured: the stainless steel peeling disc is easy to remove and quick to wash.

Boxer is an essential aid to garlic peeling, since it cuts out wasted time with a labour saving by 90%.

Nilma | Boxer - Quick Garlic Peeler - Industrial & Catering Equipment for Food Preparation
BOXER - quick garlic peeler - Nilma Play

BOXER - quick garlic peeler

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