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universal Vegetable washer WITH AIR BUBBLING


The Atir Air Plus fruit and vegetable washer is designed for kitchens and fourth-range vegetable processing centres needing to wash lightweight products that tend to float on water, such as mushrooms and strawberries.


The exclusive combination of the water whirlpool washing system with the thrust generated by the air bubbles ensures that lightweight vegetables are effectively immersed and rotated in water.

The adjustable rotational motion of water detaches all dirt from vegetables and eliminates it through the drain. The average wash duration is just three minutes. On completion, the basket is automatically tilted to discharge vegetables into the collection trolley.

Atir Air Plus is produced in two models (1 and 2), both with tilting basket, with production capacities varying from 100 to 200 kg/h of lightweight vegetables, up to 400-800 kg/h of fruit.

Atir Air Plus guarantees the best washing quality, reducing the bacterial load by over 90%. This impressive hygiene result is delivered together with major water savings, since it uses less than half a litre of water for every kilo of vegetables washed.

These unique characteristics make Atir Air Plus the essential aid for washing lightweight fruit and vegetables in compliance with the HACCP procedures and the production parameters: quality presentation, labour saving, guaranteed hygiene and operating safety. Concepts now being more indispensable than ever in every modern kitchen.  

Nilma | Atir Air Plus Barbotage - Universal Vegetable Washers - Industrial & Catering Equipment for Food Preparation

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  • Accessories
  • 1 Stainless steel trolley with stainless steel basket Add
  • 6 Heavy vegetable or fruit collection trolley Add
  • 4 Automatic water level regulator Add
  • 5 Sanitizer dosing device Add

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