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RW 70

automatic rice washing machine


RW 70 is the simple and effective rice washing machine: rice placed in the tank rotates in the swirling currents generated by the pumps. Washing intensity is adjustable, so it can be set as required for any type of rice. During washing, the swirling water currents detach any dust and dirt from rice and convey it through the holes in the washing drum into the tank and on to the drain.

Washing cycle duration is no longer than 5 minutes. On completion, the washing drum is tilted to discharge the rice automatically into the special trolley.

The RW 70 rice washing machine has a loading capacity of 70 kg of rice per cycle and provides an output of over 400 kg/h. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, it also features an automatic water level control. The RW 70 rice washing machine guarantees high hygiene standards because it reduces the rice’s initial bacterial load by over 90% in its short washing cycle.

Together with its water and labour savings, these hygiene levels make RW 70 the rice washing machine no kitchen should work without.


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