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combined cutting and slicing


The CC-34 combi cutter is ideal as a vegetable preparation machine for slicing, dicing, grating and cutting into strips not only fruit and vegetables but also bread, cheese, walnuts, mushrooms, etc., and as a cutter for chopping, mincing, mixing, and blending for the preparation of sauces, meat, vegetables, fruit, mayonnaise, pesto, purées, chocolate, mousses, dressings, etc.

CC-34 is a professional appliance, the perfect compromise between a vegetable preparation appliance and a food processor. Small and compact, it requires very little space and is easy to use and stow. It is ideal for restaurants, delicatessens, processing centres and kitchens in general.

CC-34 has four cutting speeds: 500 and 800 rpm for the vegetable preparation machine, 1,450 and 2,650 rpm for the cutter. This ensures that every product is processed at the right speed, to guarantee a perfect presentation.

is made of hygiene-certified materials. Surfaces are smooth and have rounded corners for an easy cleaning. All the accessories are easily removable and washable in dishwashers.

The base of CC-34 is made of a robust metal. The vegetable preparation infeed head is made of sturdy polycarbonate and the cutter bowl is made of stainless steel. The blades are made of a special high-quality stainless steel, able to maintain its sharpness for longer.

The CC-34 is unique, since it combines the best technical and performance characteristics of high-levelled vegetable preparation machines and cutters in a single appliance.


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