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professional blender


SB-4 is the ideal appliance for blending, mixing, chopping, stirring and homogenising products such as sauces, vegetables, fruit drinks, herb oils, cocktails, milk shakes, soups, smoothies, juices, etc.
SB-4 is the essential aid for bars, restaurants, special-diet kitchens of clinics and hospitals, supermarkets and retirement homes.

The specially shaped jug and exclusive cutting unit, together with the high blade speed, produce perfectly smooth and well mixed products every time, whether the jug is filled to capacity or contains only a minimal amount.

SB-4’s sturdy metal base gives the appliance an excellent stability during processing.

SB-4 is fitted with the SPF system, a device which regulates the cutting speed from 700 to 15,000 rpm, and a pulse push-button that immediately increases the rotation speed of the blades to the maximum, when the appliance is in operation. Combined with the special blade length, the SPF system saves processing time and ensures exactly the required finish on every product.

SB-4 has an extremely lightweight tough transparent 4-litre jug. The jug also has two convenient handles for an easier pouring. The jug (with the blade-unit), lid and filling hole are all washable in dishwashers. The tilting airtight lid enables a quick opening and closing, and is equipped with a safety microswitch. A funnel-shaped filling hole (diameter: 26 mm – 100 ml), placed in the middle of the lid, enables the easy addition of ingredients during processing.

SB-4 is practical, safe, ergonomic and easy to clean, but, above all, it blends the most widely varying foods at high speed, with excellent quality results guaranteed every time.


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