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    Of course. It is enough to call and schedule an appointment for the test. The testing area will be available along with the equipment and a specialized technician of ours. This service is offered free of charge and without any obligation to buy.

  • does nilma design turnkey kitchen projects?

    Yes, from designing to selling, from the training to the personnel to the aftersales service.

  • Does nilma manufacture plants for food industries?

    Yes, in particular for the processing of vegetables, sauces, pre-cooked pasta, bechamel, jams, and for fish cooking and frying in general.

  • what is the best procedure to wash leaf vegetables?

    First remove roots and outer leaves. Then cut the product into the desired size.

  • does the washer damage the most delicate vegetables?

    No. The machine is equipped with a device which adjusts the intensity of the washing water whirlpool.

  • can the nilma vertical cutters be equipped with any option?

    Yes, they can be set to work with vacuum, with a heating system (DSF) and be equipped with a product discharging valve. The largest models have the automatic bowl tilting and lid opening.

  • are the cutting discs of the latest rg models compatible with the discontinued models?

    All discs, apart from the dicing grids, are perfectly compatible with the old models of the Nilma RG vegetable cutting machines.


    We suggest you to use a 2-mm grating disc to obtain strips with a round section. Alternatively, you could use a 2.5x2.5-mm julienne cutting disc.

  • what are the preliminary operations to carry out before peeling garlic with boxer?

    First prepare the quantity of garlic to process and remove all stems. Then soak it in water two hours before the peeling process, in order to obtain a perfect result.

  • can pioneer peel carrots as well?

    Of course, with 1-2 minutes of peeling time.

  • does the apribox can opener process all types of cans?

    The working height of Apribox is adjustable in accordance with the type of cans to be opened. They must be round or with widely rounded corners, and have a maximum height of 380 mm and a maximum weight of 5 kg. The smallest processable can has a height of 110 mm and a diameter of 70 mm.

  • can i use your bread 2000 HT machine to process meat rolls as well?

    Yes, but their maximum diameter must be 25 mm.

  • I would like to dice some fruit with your TCN 202 cutting machine: will fruit be damaged?

    No. The machine is perfectly suitable and the cutting speed can be adjusted in accordance with the consistency and juiciness of fruit.

  • is it true that atir can also defrost food?

    Yes, its cold water whirlpool takes about twenty minutes to gradually and carefully defrost fish, meat, crustacean and bagged food.

  • can i use IDROVER 50 to remove water from cooked vegetables?

    Of course. Its centrifugal force pushes towards the outer side of the basket the water contained in cooked vegetables, removing water in excess and allowing a great saving of condiments.

  • i have to prepare mayonnaise for my food laboratory: which machine should i use?

    Speedy cutter DS/1 up to 23 kg. For larger quantities, DS/2 or DS/3. Use Speedy Cutter also to mince, grate, chop, etc..

  • what products can the soupper pump transfer?

    All products whose surfaces, after removing some product with a spoon, tend to return to the initial shape.

  • is it possible to cook rice with your pasta cooker?

    Of course, with the automatic Dough.O.Mat pasta cooker it will be a simple and quick operation, without losses of time and labour. For rice cooking the appliance must be equipped with a specific basket whose holes will have a reduced diameter to avoid rice grains to pass through them.

  • does the automatic hydrodynamic mixing in the pasta cooker damage pasta?

    No. The hydrodynamic mixing is adjustable from zero to an optimal intensity.

  • what is the difference between SALSAMAT and MIXMATIC?

    Salsamat is a braising pan with direct heating whose cooking temperature reaches 230 °C. Mixmatic is a boiling pan with indirect heating and its cooking temperature goes up to 100 °C.

  • what are the advantages of the SALSAMAT SV vacuum braising pan?

    Thanks to the absence of air, it reaches the cooking point at a lower temperature, cooking and braising in a more delicate way. It is ideal for sauces, stewed, jams, etc..

  • can mixmatic “S” be used to prepare ragout? will it have a consistent cooking or will it stick to the base of the pan?

    The mixing arm equipped with scraping paddles is programmable to be continuous or pulsed and it will automatically amalgamate the product in accordance with the recipe, avoiding it to stick to the base. Heating is indirect. It is also possible to control the temperature of the heating surface.

  • what are your scraping paddles made of? TEFLON Or steel?

    In the Salsamat braising pans, reaching temperatures over 200 ºC, the scraping paddles are made of a special stainless steel. This type of steel allows the paddles to perfectly adhere to the flat cooking surface without deforming due to the high temperatures. In the Mixmatic pans the scraping paddles are made of Teflon since surfaces are rounded and temperatures do not go beyond the boiling point.

  • can the nilma blast chillers freeze?

    Yes, in compliance with the legal standards and in accordance with the thickness and the typology of the product to process.

  • i need to prepare at least 300 KG of vegetable soup and to store it for more than a week: how can i do?

    Thanks to our Cook&Chill system, by dosing the hot vegetable soup into thermo-shaped pouches of about 5 kg and immersing them into the water of our Fastercold water-bath chiller, it will be possible to quickly chill their temperature. This way it will be possible to store the chilled pouches in cold rooms, increasing the shelf life of the product up to a maximum of 20 days.

  • what is the difference between spiral and a traditional blast chiller by air?

    At the end of cooking, Spiral can be inserted directly into the pan. The cold coil, moving inside the hot product, quickly interacts reducing the temperature from 90 to 3 °C. The chilling time is absolutely shorter than standard blast chillers by air (-30% approximately). Furthermore, it is safer since it does not require the transfer of the hot product into GN containers, as it is necessary with standard chillers instead.

  • what products can spiral be used with?

    Spiral is suitable for liquid products like broths, soups, sauces, bechamel, etc..

  • does spiral work in specific pans?

    No. Spiral is universal and suitable for all pans without mixing shaft from 100 to 200 litres, also not manufactured by Nilma!

  • what machines can be set up to be connected to the new haccp management and control system?

    It is possible to connect this system to all Nilma cooking and Cook&Chill machines.

  • can existing machines be connected to the ccmp software?

    The existing machines can be connected to the CCMP Software only if equipped with the latest NILMA PLC control panels.

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