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VCB 61/62

Vertical cutters


The VCB 61 and 62 food processors are built to provide top load capacity and performance to process dry, liquid or juicy foods. They are ideal for chopping, mincing, mixing and homogenising products like dressings, herb oils, butter, thickenings, batters, mayonnaise, sauces, mashed potato, humus, pâtés and desserts, as well as meat, fish, fruit, onions, parsley, walnuts, almonds, cheese, mushrooms and chocolate. The bowl capacity is 6 litres and it is fitted with side scrapers and a lid with a seal and an inlet hole with airtight cap. These features, together with the motor and the special four-blade knife unit, allow the processing of 4.3 litres of liquid products, 6 litres of dry products, and up to 2 kg of meat. In both the continuous and the batch operations, speeds are controlled by a single knob (1,500 rpm for VCB 61 and 1,500/3,000 rpm for VCB 62). Its convenient location allows the knob to be turned with the left hand, leaving the right hand free to add ingredients. The lid of the bowl is transparent for a good view of the product and it has a funnel-shaped filling hole (diameter: 50 mm) for an easy addition of ingredients without stopping the process. Three safety microswitches, which activate the mechanical motor brake, stop the knife rotation immediately when the appliance is switched off or the lid locking lever is turned. Lid, knife unit, scrapers and bowl are easily dismantled and washable in a dishwasher.

Speed, versatility, reliability, ergonomics and easy cleaning: these are the exclusive characteristics of the VCB 61 and 62 food processors, essential tools for modern restaurants, hotel and institutional kitchens, delicatessens and institutions.


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