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vegetable spin dryers

NSF/UL-certified freshness

Idrover 50 is a professional spin dryer for drying all types of vegetable, especially leaf vegetables, where it is important to eliminate water to flavour lettuce effectively and save on dressings. It performs a quick drying cycle in just one or two minutes. It does not damage even the most tender leaves, guaranteeing a perfect side dish presentation.

Idrover 50 is rugged and safe, made of AISI 304 stainless steel and fitted with a lid-opening safety device and a self-braking motor.

Idrover 50 holds the electric approval of the American “UL” certifying organisation.

Idrover 50 is easy to clean; the basket and tank are easily removed, the corners are rounded and the materials are certified for contact with foods. Thanks to these hygiene and construction characteristics, it is also approved under the American NSF Standards.

The Idrover 50 NSF/UL spin dryer and the Atir NSF/UL vegetable washer are an unbeatable combination in vegetable preparation for hotels, restaurants, institutions and cruise ship kitchens, where NSF/UL-approved appliances are required.

Nilma | Idrover 50 NSF/UL - Vegetable Spin Dryers - Industrial & Catering Equipment for Food Preparation
IDROVER 50 - vegetable spin dryers - Nilma Play

IDROVER 50 NSF/UL - vegetable spin dryers

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