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Mini Steam is an atmospheric pressure steam oven with the unique ability to cook foods in dry saturated steam at the temperature of 120 °C. This exclusive characteristic, similar to the action of a pressure oven, enables Mini Steam to cook in just a few minutes, maintaining foods’ organoleptic characteristics intact. Vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, eggs and other foods will all be tasty and full of flavour after being cooked with this method.

The thermodynamic convection of the dry saturated steam within the cooking chamber keeps the colour of vegetables bright, and their aspect intact, for a perfect presentation. Mini Steam is ideal for express cooking and for reactivating and cooking precooked and frozen foods.

Mini Steam is electrically operated and is fully automatic: the user just needs to set the time and insert the containers, and the unit will cook 6 to 18 kg of food on its own. Mini Steam has a load capacity of 3 1/1 GN containers having a height of 65 mm. It can easily be installed on a table. No breaks are required between every cooking process and energy is saved thanks to an economizer which reduces the energy consumption of Mini Steam to one third of its power.

With its ability to simplify and rationalise the execution of large, elaborate menus, Mini Steam is the ideal steam oven for restaurants, hotels and small institutions.


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