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continuous GRILL-MARKER


continuous GRILL-MARKER

Healthy AND rational grill-MARKING

GRILL MARKER is a continuous grill-marker, ideal for healthy and rational grilling and marking of aubergines, peppers, zucchini, onions, meat and fish fillets, steaks, hamburgers, tofu, squid, etc.

GRILL MARKER’s exclusive marking rollers are able to mark the product on both sides in a single pass, reaching the right temperature in short times with a minimal energy expenditure.

GRILL MARKER marks foods in a healthy way, thanks to the innovative gas system which heats the marking rollers, ensuring that no combustion fumes reach the product.

What’s more, the PLC on the control panel allows a precise setting of the grilling temperature to suit the product, avoiding any surface scorching which would form residues potentially harmful for health.

GRILL MARKER delivers high outputs, uniform grilling and energy and labour savings. The user simply programmes the appliance and places the product on the loading side of the conveyor belt, to obtain the grilled product on the outfeed side within just a few minutes.   

GRILL MARKER is the new way of grill-marking: more rational, cost-saving and, above all, healthier.


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