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C.C.M.P. 8.0

HACCP management and control Software


The international HACCP control standards require food products to be traced from producer to consumer. This makes it fundamental to be able to trace every ingredient in a recipe, as well as the procedures and parameters it was prepared with.

The unique, patented, multifunctional, interactive CCMP software, able to combine multiple cooking and chilling appliances in a single network, is at your service for the execution and control of cooking and chilling processes. With the CCMP software, chefs can monitor every cooking and chilling process, in real time, step by step, on every single appliance, and also check the appliances’ status and, if they wish, send directly to the appliance the recipe to be executed, all remotely from their office PC.

What is more, with CCMP and a barcode scanner we can provide you with, every single ingredient can be linked to the recipe, for a complete traceability of every production batch. A temperature/time graph generated during the cooking or chilling process certifies the complete compliance of the product with the HACCP standards. All data of the cycles executed are saved for a subsequent download or printout.

Got a problem with your Nilma appliance? It’s easy. Our software will help you to identify the problem by monitoring the appliance, performing a check on all its functions and highlighting the fault. Maintenance engineers can be notified of defects without delay, to shorten call-out and repair times. All data for operating problems occurring on the appliance over time are stored, creating a historic record.

Not present but wanting to know what your kitchen is producing? The CCMP software lets you do this by just monitoring every appliance’s operation from your smartphone.

With the CCMP software everything is under control, enabling you to work safely and with the certainty that your products are always prepared with constant results and complying with legal standards.

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