We have brought together the most frequently asked questions about Nilma machines, to offer you the fullest possible explanations. If you have any more questions, contact us and we will be happy to clear up your doubts!


Is the automatic can opener APRIBOX able to open any kind of cans?
The can needs to be circular or at least have wide-rounded corners.?Other Can characteristics:?Maximum height: 380 mm. - Minimum height: 110 mm?Maximum weight: 5 kilos. Minimum diameter: 70 mm
Which is the best way to wash leaf-vegetables?
It is necessary to carry out some preparative actions like the cutting the roots the removal of external leaves. Afterwards, when needed the vegetables can be cut in the desired dimensions.
Does the vegetable washing machine damage delicate vegetables?
No it does not, Nilma washers are equipped with a washing intensity regulation device which needs to be adjusted according to the delicacy of the to be treated product.
Can the NILMA VERTICAL FOOD PROCESSORS be equipped with useful accessories?
Yes, they can for example be arranged to work in a vacuum. Nilma also manufactures a special heated version, called DSF 40. Furthermore there is a possibility to mount a valve for an easy product discharge. The cutters with bigger capacity are available in a tilting version with an automatic lid opening.
Are the disks of the new RG CUTTERS compatible with the outdated models of cutters?
All the disks, the dicing grids excluded, can be perfectly operated on all the NILMA CUTTERS models, no longer produced.
I'd like to slice carrots with the NILMA PREPARATION MACHINE, which ?is the most suitable disk according to this type of cut?
To obtain thin thread with rounded section, it is advisable to use a 2 mm. grater disk. Alternatively, for julienne cut, you can use a 2.5 mm. x 2.5 mm. strips slicer.
What needs to be done before starting a peeling-cycle with the onion-peeler MAXIM?
It is necessary to prepare the amount of products to be handled: select the onions according to the size and dimensions. They need to have a diameter between 25 and 100 mm., then take away roots and stem them.
And what about the garlic-peeler BOXER?
To achieve the best results, it is necessary to prepare the amount of garlic to be handled, which means splitting the stem from the cloves, and putting them in water for about two hours.
Can PIONEER peel carrots as well?
Of course it can and it takes about 1-2 minutes.
Can I use your Bread 2000 breading machine also for meat rolls?

Yes, but they must have a maximum diameter of 25 mm

I would like to dice some fruit with your TCN202 continuous dicing machine: will fruit be damaged?

It is possible to use it for dicing by adjusting the cutting speed according to the consistency and juiciness of the fruit.

Can the Idrover 50 be used to remove water from cooked vegetables?
Yes, its centrifugal force pushes the water contained in the cooked vegetables outside the drum, eliminating the water in excess and allowing a considerable saving in dressings.
Is it true that the ATIR can defrost food?
Yes, its vortex of cold water takes an average of 20 minutes to defrost fish and meat in a safe and delicate manner.
I've to prepare the mayonnaise for my gastronomic laboratory: which machine do you suggest?
Certainly Speedy Cutter DS1, ideal for 23kg max; for larger quantities Speedy Cutter DS2 or DS3.
You could also use Speedy Cutter in your kitchen to mince, to grate, to shred, to whip etc??..


Is it possible to test NILMA's equipment before buying it?
Definitely yes. It is sufficient to phone and arrange an appointment to test the operation of the machine. We will arrange a test room, and the presence of a qualified technician. This is a completely free service, offered without any obligations.
Which equipment can be arranged to run with the system of control of HACCP?
It is possible to apply this system on NILMA's equipment such as cooking machines and chillers, as well as on cold stores.
The already installed machines can be arranged to be connected to the CREATIVE CONTROL MACHINE POINT?
The already installed machines can not be connected to the CCMP. As a matter of fact these special machines must already be prearranged.
What kind of products can the liquid transfer pump SOUPPER handle?
The Soupper is able to transfer products with a certain density. In order to check this, you can take away (by means of a spoon) some of the liquid on the surface: if the surface turns back like before, the product density is correct.
In which kettles the Mixer can be operated?
There are two models. MIXER 200 works in pan until 200 litres, while MIXER 500 in pans until 500 litres.
For whom the program RIST-O-GEST can be useful?
It can be very useful for hospitals and canteens because they have to know exactly the number of meals to prepare in order to avoid waste of food and not only that.
Does NILMA carry out completed kitchen plants?
Yes, from project to equipment supply, personnel training and after-sales services.
Does NILMA produce equipment for the food industry?
Yes, in particular for the preparation of vegetables, sauces, pre-cooked pasta, béchamel, jams, fish cooking, fried food in general.

Cooking and blast chilling

Is it possible to cook rice with a pasta-cooker?
Definitely, and by using the automatic pasta-cooker Dough.O.Mat, it will be easily and quickly done, without any waste of time and labour. The rice cooking machine is equipped with a special basket, with a proper hole diameter which does not allow the discharge of the single rice corn into the cooking water
Does the automatic mixing of the pasta-cooker affect the pasta?
Of course not, because the water intensity can be adjusted from zero to the appropriate speed according to each type of product to be stirred.
What are the main differences between SALSAMAT and MIXMATIC?
SALSAMAT is a braising pan equipped with a direct heating system and its cooking temperature reaches 230° C. MIXMATIC is a boiling pan with an indirect heating system and its cooking temperature goes not beyond 100° C.
Is the Nilma chiller able to deep freeze products?
Yes, our chillers are able to deep-freeze, it depends on the thickness and the characteristics of the product
What advantages does a Salsamat SV vacuum braising pan grant?

Thanks to the absence of air, it cooks and braises faster than traditional braising pans. It is ideal for sauces, stewed and jams.

Can the MixMatic S be used for preparing Ragù? Will it have a homogeneous cooking or will the Ragù get stuck to the bottom of the pan?
 The mixing arm, provided with scraping paddles, can be programmed to turn continuously or alternately, and it automatically mixes according to the recipe, avoiding the product to get stuck to the bottom of the pan. Heating is indirect. It is possible to check the temperature of the side of the pan.
I have to cook at least 300 kg of thick soup and I need to store it for at least one week: how can I do?

Thanks to our Cook&Chill system, pouring the thick soup into 5 kg thermo-shaped bags and

putting them immediately into the Fastercold water chilling machine, it is possible to reduce quickly their temperature. This way bags can be stored into cold rooms lengthening the shelf-life up to 20 days.

What are your scrapers made of? Teflon or steel?

In the Salsamat braising pans, where temperatures reach the critical level of more than 200 °C, scrapers are made of a special stainless steel. This kind of steel allows the scrapers to adhere perfectly to the cooking flat surface without be deformed because of the high temperatures. In the MixMatic pans scrapers are made of Teflon because surfaces are bowed and temperatures do not go beyond the boiling thresholds.

What's the difference between Spiral and a traditional blast chiller?
At the end of the cooking phase, Spiral can be introduced directly into the cooking pan. The cold spiral, moving inside the hot product, quickly interacts reducing the temperature from 90° to 3°. The cooling time is certainly lower than the traditional blast chillers (about 30% less). It is also more safe, because it is possible to transfer the hot product into the Gastronorm pans, as required for the standard chillers.
With which products it is possible to use Spiral?
It is ideal for all the liquid products, broth, soup, sauce, besciamella?
Do you need special pans?
No, Spiral is universal, it can be used in all the pans with a capacity of 100, 150 and 200 litres, even not Nilma.
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